Sunday, March 28, 2010


"Aur voire, aur voire,"
She heaved a sigh,
The playful stars glanced at her
As she moaned that painful cry...

Her vocals she thrust in pain;
On the nettled mound herself lain;
Auburn cheeks melting into serene tears,
Her ecstatic soul leaped with a motive so clear....

Her blood-red, fiery eyes peeped into the chalice
Something feeble hushed,"Go ahead, dont wait Alice!"
An obsolete thump longed for a last glimpse of him:
'Twas her indifferent heart,witness o' his promises so dim!

Yet she loved him, more than her gift o' life;
More than a defensive honey-bee adores its beehive;
Owing to the preposterous plea he had taken of late,
He abandoned her to her own fate!

The ochre fluid bubbled vigorously
Her fingers halted as she observed closely,
A last glance she stole; the poison vanished from the chalice;
Betrayed was she, bidding adieu to her bliss!!!