Thursday, April 14, 2011


He strolled down unobstrusively

with a gesture of isolation

The pious Sylph of his soul

displayed her momentary discretion.

The flamboyant horizon narrowed

and in the blink of an eye,

They flashed across his mind

he could neither retort nor cry........

Something in her noinchalant eyes

made him freeze at the mosque door,

She hauled them away in haste,

her treacherous veil soon hiding them to the core.

His genial soul vanished since

leaving him to a motive so meek;

Awed was he to discover tears

Every dawn, residing on his cheek.......

She knew he would come

but he never trusted his life

Drugs were his sole family,

his who lessened his strife.

Still her belief was strong,

though his love more firm....


tunes of isolation whose heart would strum.....

Hours passed, and so did years,

her faith never faded, nor his passion strong.

Her eyes still haunted him deep

though he knew he couldn't love....IT WAS WRONG!

HE MET HER AGAIN----at the mosque door yet,

his solitary heart skipped a beat....

The white shroud of serenity they drew

over her eyes, which his own could never meet.......

Sunday, March 28, 2010


"Aur voire, aur voire,"
She heaved a sigh,
The playful stars glanced at her
As she moaned that painful cry...

Her vocals she thrust in pain;
On the nettled mound herself lain;
Auburn cheeks melting into serene tears,
Her ecstatic soul leaped with a motive so clear....

Her blood-red, fiery eyes peeped into the chalice
Something feeble hushed,"Go ahead, dont wait Alice!"
An obsolete thump longed for a last glimpse of him:
'Twas her indifferent heart,witness o' his promises so dim!

Yet she loved him, more than her gift o' life;
More than a defensive honey-bee adores its beehive;
Owing to the preposterous plea he had taken of late,
He abandoned her to her own fate!

The ochre fluid bubbled vigorously
Her fingers halted as she observed closely,
A last glance she stole; the poison vanished from the chalice;
Betrayed was she, bidding adieu to her bliss!!!


That sapphire sphere
Rises bold from the blue
Like the Sylph of Paradise
Whose chariot the stars drew,
A boon, charming the moon's beauty is,
Just to shape up the minarets of bliss.

The Golden Eagle spreads its wings at dawn
To set ablaze the world as the hours move on.
The sun, the Golden Bird
Shoots its rays
Only to transform gloom into glaze!
Indifferent to its own fate,as the dove is
That glory bows in the midst o' bliss.

Mother Nature reforms, to mitigate its forces
To deprive the world o' its preposterous calamities
Of its repressive sources
From spring to autumn, does winter spread its shadows
And thus the flamboyant horizon narrows.
My passionate soul, determined as it is,
Smoulders at its mission, just to catch a glimpse o' this bliss!!